Top 4 Bakeries in Quebec City

Ever years lots of tourist visit in the Quebec City’s because of “French charm” is one of the top reasons. Many travelers come to the Quebec City for enjoy a taste of France. Here are the top four bakeries that offers delicious bakery, you have must to taste if you are visiting in the Quebec City, Canada.

Au Pain Grüel

This Au Pain Grüel bakery makes from breads by hand also using tried-and-true ancestral methods. It uses a wide variety of organic flours and makes creative specialty breads daily. This provides a favorite and delicious bakery.

La Boîte à Pain

La Boîte à Pain is one of the first gourmet shops and you can enjoy the bakery’s delicious ficelles that made from slender baguettes garnished with creative flavor combinations like blueberry jam, duck terrine and grated beets. This bakery also makes and offers a soup, quiches, salads, pizzas along with coffee.

Éric Borderon

In Quebec City, the only baker well known by name in Borderon that French-born and trained artisan baker and pastry chef. These are served at many of Quebec’s finest restaurants and hotels.

La Fournée Bio

La Fournée Bio is the founding mainstay and catering to locals for over ten years. It makes over 75 different bread varieties along with provides seasonal offerings, which customers can buy pair with homemade jams and local artisanal products. This La Fournée Bio are also served light meals.

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3 Islands Not to Miss in Canada

Canada offers a wide range of tourist attraction and great holiday destination where you can relax as well as the best way to enjoy your wonderful holiday.

Entry Island

Entry island is situated in the St. Lawrence. This island is 2 km wide and 3 km long. Enter this island only by air and ocean.

Georges Island

Georges Island was used in the ancient times. It is popular for underground tunnels, prison camps and quarantine station.

Greenly Island

Greenly Island is situated in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The locals believe that there are ghosts in this island therefore tourists not recommended this place.

Pictou Island

Pictou Island does not receiving any electricity from the main land. People depends on solar power and windmills.

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Restaurants in Banff, Canada

Banff is a tiny town but don’t miss the chance to taste of mouthwatering dishes of the best restaurants in Banff. A wide range of restaurants which serve one of the best delicious and tasty foods. So must you have to try the Banff’ restaurants.

Tooloulou’s for Cajun

Tooloulou’s specializes in Louisiana that serve comfort food like po’ boys, gumbo, crawfish and many other. The kitchen staff can serve the delicious meals so quickly. Breakfast at Tooloulou is extremely popular and amazing.

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Bruno’s Bar and Grill for Breakfast

Bruno’s Bar and Grill is one such place that famous on Banff and serves a killer breakfast at a reasonable price. Here you can get veggie and non-veg dishes are available.

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Nourish Bistro for Veggie Lovers

Nourish Bistro is a good option for vegetarian and plant-based cuisine which  inspired by local ingredients. The chefs at Nourish Bistro is perfectly lovely, delightfully comfortable restaurant. It is perfect for Veggie Lovers.

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The Best Destination in Canada in May

If you make a planning travelling to the Canada during the summer months? July and August this season is warmth, hog the majority of visitors to Canada, but other season of the year such as May, it is spring in general and best month for travelling because of fewer crowds.

Take in the Tulips in Ottawa

Ottawa has celebrated the blossoming of local tulips Since 1945. The Canadian Tulip Festival done with a live music, food stands, circus and many more. It is so beautiful and attractive festivals which attracts visitors from all over the world.

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Honour the Monarch in Victoria

Victoria is one of the most celebrated holidays destination in Canada. In may season is perfect for exploring this modern city that is nevertheless full of history.

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Miss the Crowds in Calgary

Calgary is perfect destinations for spend time with family and friends  and the Canadian Rockies are peaceful in season of May. More places such as Banff, Jasper, and the Icefields Parkway is the other way which attracts the visitors.

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The Great Toronto Shopping Places

If you make a planning for shopping in Toronto is fantastic. Here you can find fashionable, stylish and branded clothes. It is best place for fashion and shopping’s lovers.

The Toronto Eaton Centre

The Toronto Eaton Centre is a wonderful and airy shopping mall and also it is the heart of Toronto’s downtown. Here more than 250 stores – and it is the third largest mall in Canada.


Yorkville is a delightful and highrises shopping malls of Toronto. Here Yorkville houses dozens of restaurants, boutiques, art galleries and many other shops. Here so many upscale brands including Holt Renfrew, Prada, Hermes, Gucci and Hazelton Lanes.

Kensington Market

Kensington Market is listed in one of the best shopping areas of Toronto. Here all variety and prices of dress is available, if you don’t want to shop then you enjoy The Gap or drink coffee at Starbucks. This market offers few cannabis cafes and boutiques.

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Best Boutique Vancouver Hotels

Vancouver is a progressive city with a cutting-edge dining scene, and best for ecofriendly business along with have modern hotels. In Vancouver many of boutique hotels in town that offer bicycle rentals to make getting around town a breeze. Here are top 3 boutique hotels in Vancouver.

Grandville Island Hotel

Grandville Island Hotel is located on Granville Island, amazing service and luxurious amenities, the 82-room Granville Island Hotel is the first choice of travelers. It has standard rooms with balcony, modern décor, luxurious mattresses and many more. The best thing are Bike rentals are available for a small fee.

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Hotel BLU

Hotel BLU is located in downtown on Robson Street, it has 75-room and walking distance from Vancouver’s best bits including Gastown, Rogers Arena and Chinatown. Loft style suites and pet friendly designed rooms are available.

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Sunset Inn and Suites

If you need a little more space along with rooms are comes on a budget. It has 50-room and it is best option for an affordable and comfortable. The structure of this suites is look like apartment-style accommodations have full kitchens, balconies, dining tables, separate living areas and extra sofa beds.

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Hotels in Downtown Vancouver

With the alluring mountain range and English Bay as a backdrop, the city of Vancouver gives a full of natural scenery and cultural attractions. Vancouver has eco-friendly businesses and modern hotels, you can select as per choice.

Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver:- The Pan Pacific Hotel Vancouver has tremendous views of the water and mountains. Here incredible restaurants and it is listed one of the top Spas in Vancouver and easy access to Vancouver’s waterfront attraction as well as Gastown nightlife.

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Empire Landmark Hotel :- Empire Landmark Hotel is located on Robson Street. It is one of the best budget hotel. It is low end to mid-range of hotels. You can spend quality time with family.

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Sutton Place Hotel – Downtown Vancouver:- The Sutton Place Hotel is one of the best and top choice of a list of actors when they are working in Vancouver, Canada such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, Robert Pattinson and many more stayed here. This hotel is luxury and royal.

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The Best Places to See Fall Foliage

In the entire world, visit to the Canada has been exciting and famous destination for travelling and holiday with family and friends. Here are 3 of the best spots in Canada in autumn season,

The Laurentian Mountains, Quebec

Quebec is famous for its autumn colors and sugar maple trees. Visit the Laurentian Mountains that gives is the most beautiful displays of fall foliage in North America.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island forests have a wide range of colors in autumn. Moderate climate that helps create one of the longest fall foliage periods of North America.

The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

It is one of the world’s most beautiful drives. Here you can do lots of activities so must be visit first or second week of October. Try visiting Cape Breton Highlands National Park.

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Toronto – The Best Late Night Eats

The best late night eats in Toronto has a varied selection of cuisine. Toronto has some seriously good options and go beyond the usual assortment of hot dogs and pizza slices. Here are so many late night eats in Toronto. You must try it:-

The Lakeview

Need a comfort food fix at 2 a.m.? The Lakeview is open 24 hours it is an historic dinner in Toronto’s west end and it is founded in 1932. All types of dishes are available like mac and cheese and fish and chips. If you want to eat something sweet, can you order up a milkshake, float or ice cream sundae.

The Lakeview

The Thomson Diner

Another the Thomson Diner restaurant is open 24-hour, The Thompson Diner is such a classic diner and served menu from 11 p.m. to 5 a.m. You can order such as a decadent mac and cheese with truffle oil, fried chicken, burgers, various breakfast items and poutine.

The Thomson Diner

416 Snack Bar  

As the name suggests, 416 Snack Bar served variety of snacks until late night. The kitchen is open until 2 a.m. You find here sandwich of some kind or may be some dim sum or steamed bun filled with pickled veggies. You can enjoy the tasty food.

416 Snack Bar

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Luxury Hotels in Vancouver, Canada

If you are travelling in the Vancouver, Canada. Then you think about which hotels are best to stay with family in the Vancouver so we provide some of budget friendly hotels.

Times Square Suites Hotel

Times Square Suits Hotel is located in the West End near Stanley Park and it is a budget hotel and best option for families. There are one and two-bedroom suites, full kitchen (stove/oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave) laundry and a living room area.

Rosellen Suites

Rosellen Suites is another budget- friendly and family hotels. This is quiet and safe hotel with has two-bedroom suites with full kitchen (stove/oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave).

The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver

The Fairmont Hotel is situated in the heart of Downtown Vancouver and it is the luxury hotel along with it is one of the most historic hotels. This hotel offers two twin beds rooms, two double beds and suites. It  has an indoor swimming pool, and kids’ pool and can arrange babysitting services.

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